About Us

Masjid Al Imam Muqbil was founded in 2010 as a community centre and place of worship for the local residents of South Harrow. The centre’s activities include holding regular daily prayers as well as hosting regular after school classes for children and weekend classes for adults, in both religious and non-religious studies.

Masjid Al Imam Muqbil has grown considerably since its founding. It has established a strong presence in the area, fostered relations with local members of the community and cemented a reputation within the local community as a place for locals to pray, children to learn and members of the community to grow together.

Our aims are:

  • to serve the local community of South Harrow so that we can grow together in all aspects of life. Using our beliefs as a guide (please click “Our Beliefs” for further details) we seek to achieve the following aims
  • educating the local community, both adults and children, on both religious and non-religious affairs
    relying on the Noble Qur’aan and the authentic and purified Sunnah (the ways of the Prophet ﷺ) to guide on all life affairs
  • teaching the purity and beauty of Islam, calling the community to act in accordance with its principles and instilling in people the noble manners and etiquettes it contains
  • uniting the people based on truth and piety and warning away from the multiple groups who have sought to divide the people and tarnished the beauty of Islam.

We have a strong but simple belief system which guides the above aims for Masjid Al Imam Muqbil

  • in every issue of Aqeedah (Creed), affirming what is established in the Noble Qur’aan, which we believe is the speech of Allaah, and the Sunnah
  • adhering to the Prophetic Manhaj (methodology) found in the Qur’aan and the books of Hadith (narrations of the Prophet’s ﷺ sayings and actions) as well as to the sayings and actions of the Salaf us-Saalih (the early generation Muslims)
  • respecting and honouring the scholars of Islam and their dedication to spreading the purity of the religion
  • following the truth, absolutely and unconditionally, in both Riwaayah (narration) and Ra’i (opinion) without loyalty to  a specific person or group other than to the Prophet ﷺ, who we believe is  someone to be followed in all circumstances.